Albright II

Duration: 19:13 Views: 85 Submitted: 4 weeks ago
Description: I'm excited to bring this stud back to my camera and I'm sure you're all familiar now with this straight stud named Albright! Yes he's back and I can make no excuses for this straight stud because he's well mannered, good looking and an ass... seriously that just doesn't quit! Today he's returned for not only more money but for another one of Rob's bj specials and as you will see, Rob delivers on the BJ and Albright delivers a load on that beautiful fat cock of his. God I'm happy he's back! When Albright contacted me again wanting more work, I was more than happy to take him up on his need. It wasn't long before Albright was back in my bedroom laying on my bed with that beautiful body just waiting for me to take charge.... and that's exactly what I did. When the cameras started rolling I wasted no time in working this boy into a frenzy. I began to undress him and I began at his shoes and socks but I hit a road block when I saw his feet... yum yum! As you all may know I have a weakness for beautiful feet. I think its the fact that they are so personal to a straight guy and its something he usually doesn't expose to another guy and especially in a sexual manner and that's what gets my going. I didn't warn him about it but I began to work on his feet and soon I had his toes in my mouth and I was licking this boy's feet driving him crazy. His mouth was open as he flustered in the idea that someone was licking his feet. That of course, lead to this boy getting completely naked and legs spread eagle on my bed and I then began to work on his cock. For a guy his size, he really does have a fat cock and a beauty at that. I've seen many, and i'm almost embarrassed to say Many cocks in my days and can confidently say some are pretty and some aren't and this boy had a good one that I didn't mind sucking one bit. Albright began to realize that a Rob blowjob was something unique and nothing like any of the girls he's had head from so the expression on his face are really priceless. As I began to take him to the edge, I could see the look on his face was telling me that he was losing control and I was about to take him to the orgasm that left him speechless. Watch as this confused straight boy realizes that head from a guy is far more superior than any girl could ever give. This movie rocks!
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